Green business and nonprofit people: Are you struggling to attract enough clients/following?

Let’s face it, it can be tricky for a green company or organization to attract business or followers. These are some of the problems you may be facing:

  • You don’t love the idea of marketing, because you’re concerned about being ethical, truthful and accurate… and marketing often is slick and slimy, if not pure greenwash.
  • Your company or organization is small, and you simply don’t have all that time or money to dedicate to marketing.
  • You need to demonstrate that you have thought inside out about your product or service – your customers can be really fussy!
  • Your products are new or follow new standards that customers aren’t familiar with.
  • High standards are difficult to meet, there are always trade-offs (for example, between expense and eco-friendliness, or between being low carbon and using products that promote social justice in less developed countries), and it’s a challenge to explain to your customers your decisions.
  • You have to deal with people who may not be your customers or expected members, but can have a big influence on how your company or organization is perceived: schools, community groups, high-profile regulators, NGO’s and the media.
  • You may need to educate and correct your customers or followers.

I imagine you would like to:

  • Get much better marketing results and attract many more people to you more consistently.
  • Communicate with integrity and authenticity, actually feeling good about the marketing that you do.
  • Get people to know about what you do in a way that potential customers become interested in what you offer, practically everybody trusts that you are being truthful (there are always incurable skeptics), and most people understand that you are doing a good job.
  • Have an inspiring and uplifting marketing plan that makes sense and is both easy and affordable to implement.
  • Have your marketing not only sell good things that make the world better – but actually BE itself a good thing that makes the world better.
  • Be able to create marketing campaigns that utilize all the traditional channels of lead generation such as phone, email and web forms, but also add in the game changing new methods of social media, mobile text marketing and business card scanning.
  • Do all of the above with the least possible investment of time, money and effort.

What I’m offering here is a number of free resources to achieve all of that, from the blog, to the newsletter (sign up to the right and also get the free report “Marketing for green business made simple”), not forgetting the new and very popular report “How to build up a Twitter following”

There are, of course, practical limits to what I can offer for free. So if you still need something more after you’ve sampled the freebies, you have a number of options:

  • Wait for the upcoming book “Marketing for Greenland”, and buy it.
  • Come to one of my workshops, where you will have the chance to ask your own questions and interact with others that may want to do combined marketing campaigns with you.
  • Arrange for a one-to-one consultation.

These are the main meals, but other side dishes will come up on various occasions. Sign up to the newsletter on the right if you want to be kept informed of them.

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